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T.H. Hernandez offers specialized coaching services crafted to support authors with ADHD in the realm of organization and productivity. If you're navigating the challenges of ADHD and seeking tailored strategies to optimize your writing process, you're in the right place. Let's delve into how her expertise can assist you in managing your writing journey more effectively.

My Story

T.H. Hernandez, an author with a rich and diverse background, brings a unique perspective and deep understanding to her coaching services for authors with ADHD. Having faced her own set of challenges in the writing and creative process due to ADHD, she embarked on a personal journey to navigate these obstacles and harness her potential.

Through years of experience, research, and self-discovery, T.H. Hernandez developed effective strategies and techniques tailored to the specific needs of authors grappling with ADHD. She understands firsthand the demands and intricacies of being a writer while managing the nuances of ADHD. This intimate understanding positions her as a compassionate and insightful coach, ready to empower authors with ADHD to conquer their writing goals.

Motivated by a genuine desire to support fellow writers in their creative pursuits, T.H. Hernandez channeled her experiences into a coaching approach that is empathetic, encouraging, and results-oriented. Her coaching journey is deeply rooted in the belief that with the right strategies and guidance, authors with ADHD can not only overcome challenges but also thrive and produce exceptional work.

T.H. Hernandez is passionate about sharing her insights and strategies, helping fellow authors navigate the writing process with clarity, focus, and an empowered sense of control. Through her coaching, she strives to make a meaningful impact in the lives of authors, fostering a community where ADHD doesn't hinder creativity but fuels it.


Let's connect if you are interested in customized author coaching.

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